Clock Restoration

Fusée Cuckoo Clock Restoration

At Sharp & Sons we repair, service and restore antique and specialist clocks. Servicing mechanical clocks is a highly specialised and highly labour intensive job, one that we are pleased to be able to offer on our premises to our customers. These jobs need to be estimated individually for both price and timescale due to the varying nature and degree of wear of each and every clock. This series of photos shows the process of restoring a Fusée Cuckoo Clock, a job which we undertook recently for one of our good customers. It shows just how much work goes into servicing, cleaning and repairing each and every part.

This is the clock in our workshop before we began the process of stripping it down to all its component parts:

And here are just some the parts inside, all of which need to be checked, mended or4 remade if necessary, cleaned and polished by hand. The sheer amount of parts visible in this photograph highlights why this is such a time intensive and highly specialised job.

The two conical pieces to the centre of the photograph give the clock its name. With a regular weight driven clock the spring loses power and so towards the end of its wind the clock may begin to lose time. A fusée movement allows the clock to deliver a consistent level of power so that this does not occur.

In the following series of photographs splits and wear to the mainsprings are visible. These are remade by hand in order for the clock to run smoothly.

These are all the working parts once they had been repaired, cleaned and hand polished.


And here is the clock all back together again; oiled, serviced, tested, regulated and in full working order.

If you have an antique or specialist clock that needs servicing, repairing or restoring please contact us or pop into the shop and we will be happy to help.