16054 POJ

Pre-Owned High Caratage Victorian Memorial Brooch

Almandine garnet and seed pearl brooch with the option to wear as a pendant

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This is a highly sought after and collectable Victorian memorial brooch. This type of jewellery was designed to allow loved ones to wear a reminder of the one they had lost. In some instances this would be in the form of a portrait, in this case the centre of this brooch contained beautifully plaited hair. We have removed this to cater to the sensibilities of our modern age, but it has been kept and can be refitted upon request. The central rectangle would contain the memento, it is then surrounded by seed pearls and then almandine garnets with a rich pink and purple hue. It is made from high caratage gold with a loop to allow it to be worn as both a pendant and a brooch. To give an idea of scale it measures approximately 26mm x 20mm at its widest points.

  • Highly sought after and collectible Victorian memorial brooch
  • Set with surrounding rows of seed pearls and almandine garnets
  • May also be worn as a pendant

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