Commissions And Re-modelling

Do you have an inherited piece of jewellery with sentimental value but in a style that just doesn’t suit you? Or do you have an idea of what you would like, but you can’t find it anywhere? We can help you.

We often give an old piece of jewellery a new lease of life, for example using the diamonds from a ring and placing them in a brand new setting, or creating a pendant or brooch.

We can also work on a new piece from scratch, working out the design and budget with you and then sourcing a variety of precious stones from which we can put together a piece of jewellery made to your specifications that will be truly unique.

Please call into the shop and we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

The Commissions Process – From Idea to Finished Piece

The following example shows how the process works to transform an old piece of jewellery into something new. It is exactly the same procedure for a piece to be made from scratch, the only difference being that in this case we would also supply all the precious metals and gem stones.

A customer came to Sharp & Sons Jewellers as she had been recommended to visit us by a friend. She wished to use the 19 diamonds from her eternity ring and place them into new pieces of jewellery.

Star initial image


The initial image of a Star of David pendant as brought to us by the customer. She wanted her pendant to be plain and with diamonds at the points.


Star sketch


We quickly sketched ideas for the customer, taking into consideration the size of the diamonds she had brought with her.


At the beginning stage of development, pictures are produced that fit the customer’s brief and discussions take place to work out what the customer likes and (more importantly) doesn’t like. From this we can work out the finer details including settings, weight, size etc. We can then offer an idea of cost and time scale and source a selection of gemstones to be viewed if this is required. In this instance the customer wanted her pieces of jewellery to be made in white gold so quotes were supplied to make the items in both 9ct and 18ct white gold.

Following the discussion and design consultation process our customer decided to make three items utilising the diamonds from her ring:

  • A handmade Star of David pendant using 6 diamonds in a rubbed edge setting in 9ct white gold
  • A handmade offset two row diamond ring using 10 diamonds in a claw setting in 18ct white gold
  • A handmade ring in a contemporary design using 3 diamonds in a rubbed edge setting in 9ct white gold

Once everything has been agreed then the process can begin to make the pieces:

Wax moulds are made of the finalised designs so that they can then be cast using precious metal.



Using the wax moulds the pieces are made in precious metal. These are now ready for the customer’s diamonds to be set into before they are finished and polished.



Once the pieces have been made and have completed their final checks we then arrange an appointment with the customer for a final fitting of their bespoke, handmade jewellery. When everything is perfect and the customer is happy they are ready to leave us in beautiful presentation boxes.

If you have a piece of jewellery that you would like to transform, or an idea for a bespoke piece, please come and see us at Sharp & Sons for a no obligation quote.