Privacy Policy

This is the general privacy policy for Sharp & Sons Jewellers Ltd. and for the range of products and services we provide through our website and bricks and mortar shop.

At Sharp & Sons Jewellers Ltd. we collect different types of information about our users for four main reasons:

  1. To provide personalised services unique to individual users.
  2. To keep customers up-to-date about the products and services they have purchased.
  3. To fulfil contracted services.
  4. To help us monitor and improve the services we offer.

1. About us

1. The protection of your privacy and personal information is important to us. We make sure that not only do we have appropriate security measures in place, but that any organisation we work with to provide a service also meets the same standard as us.

2. We will respect your privacy. You will never receive marketing emails from us.

3. We will make it clear at the point when we request your information, what we are collecting it for and how we are going to use it.

4. We will collect and use your personal information only if we have your permission or we have sensible business reasons for doing so, such as fulfilling your orders and carrying out services.

5. We will minimise the amount of information we collect from you to what we need to deliver the product and services and product selection advice you may have requested.

6. We will be clear in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use it.

7. We will use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected and we will make sure we delete it securely.

8. If we, our service providers, or our commercial partners transfer any information out of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant legal instruments or permissions being in place.

– When do we collect information about you?

We collect information on you:

  • when you contact us for information
  • when you work with us in a commercial capacity
  • when you request and/or purchase a product or service

– What legal bases do we use for processing your data?

We use different legal bases depending upon the purpose for collecting for data in the first instance.

For all data collected to sign up for a product or service such as jewellery purchase or repair we process the data using Legitimate Interest, i.e. you are able to access the product and/or service and/or information in exchange for supplying your information, and we have a relationship where the balance of the benefit is in your favour. You always have a choice in the management of your data in this manner and can opt out of processing on this basis at any time.

Where you provide data in the course of a purchase of a product we process your data under Contract, i.e. your data is necessary for the fulfilment of the service. Any additional contact, i.e. telling you about another product or service closely related to the product or service you have bought is managed under Legitimate Interest.

Any secondary processing of your data, i.e. sharing with or sending messages on behalf of third parties for the purposes of carrying out requested services and transfer to third countries, is managed under Consent.

Under the terms of current data protection legislation, we will always make it as easy as possible for you to opt out of unwanted processing, providing it does not restrict our ability to provide you with the service you have requested.

– Profiling

We do not use the data you provide us with to send targeted messages to you, for example about new products or services which may be of interest to you.

– How long do you hold on to my data?

Because we collect data for a wide range of purposes, we do not have a singularly defined retention period. For each individual product and service we define a carefully assessed time frame within which we retain your data.

After this, data is managed to ensure that it is either erased from our system, or minimised and retained for legal reasons.

– Registering as a customer or as a prospect

The minimum information we need from you to register you as a customer or a prospect is name, address and telephone number. We may ask you more questions for different services. Unless we say otherwise, you must answer all the registration questions.

We will process data collected for the purpose of facilitating your registration on the basis of Legitimate Interest to deliver the service for which you have registered.

2. Other uses of your data

We do not sell your data at any time.

3. Updating your personal information

Under current data privacy legislation, you have the right to rectify, erase or restrict the processing of your data without undue delay. You may also request access to the data we hold on you.

4. Who we share data with

We will not share your data with others for marketing purposes. We can access and release personal information to keep to relevant laws and government requests, to operate our systems properly and to protect both us and our users.

Any other organisations who access your information in the course of providing services on our behalf will be governed by strict contractual restrictions to make sure that they protect your information and keep to data protection and privacy laws which apply.

5. Use of Cookies

WordPress sites use cookies in order for their pages to function correctly. Our website utilises the minimum required in order for it to be accessible. You can read more about WordPress’ Cookie Policy here.

We also utilise a ‘Cookies Banner’ to inform you about our Cookies usage at which point you can decide to leave our website.

6. Legal information and how to contact us

Under the currently applicable laws we have to say who the ‘data controller’ is for Sharp & Sons Jewellers Ltd. The data controller is the person (either alone or jointly in common with other persons) who determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data is, or will be processed and, in our case, is Mr Robert Sharp.

If you would like access to or a copy of the personal information we hold about you, to request a correction, or have any questions about how we may use it or to make a complaint, please contact the data controller Mr Robert Sharp by the contact form on our website or by telephone on +44 (0)1325 460777. Requests will be responded to within a reasonable period, not longer than 30 days.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

If we make changes to our privacy policy we will show you what they are on our website. If we are required by law, we will obtain your consent to make these changes.

May 2018 – new company privacy policy created.