The Story of Sharp & Sons Jewellers Ltd.

Sharp & Sons Jewellers Ltd came into existence in 1983 when Mr John and Mrs Margaret Sharp opened their family business in Queen Street Shopping Centre in Darlington. Fast forward to today and the business is now in the hands of the second generation; Mr Robert and Mrs Shona Sharp. The shop has been through a transformation over the years, with new signage and refits and a move away from ornaments and giftware to the fine jewellery and watches it is known for selling today.

The shop opened in 1983. The photographs above show Mr and Mrs Sharp and their shop in its early days. In the photograph of the exterior the work being carried out to the shopping centre can be seen above the shop sign. The iconic domed glass roof was in the process of being installed, having previously just been a flat roof. In the intervening years the shop has been refitted and refurbished and everything renewed and replaced, apart from two features; we still use the safe and the handwritten receipt machines which are visible on the counter-top.

The 90s saw a change of carpet and a move towards selling more jewellery and watches. As has been the case over the years, our neighbours changed as tastes and buying habits altered and shops came and went.

Into a new century and a completely new look for Sharp & Sons. A new sign above the door to give prominence to the fact that Mr Sharp’s son Robert was now a working jeweller on the premises, carrying out repairs in the workshop above the shop. The new suspended ceiling and lighting system meant the tropical conditions in the shop and the likelihood of customers burning their heads on the old spotlights were greatly reduced. With a blue colour scheme and a much less cluttered appearance, the shop looked much more like it does today.

August 2007 and a complete shop refit. You can even see the original carpet that had been hidden beneath the cabinets for all those years.

And here we are today. Quite a transformation from those first days in 1983. The shop interior may have changed, but it is still run by the same family, giving a continuity of service to those customers who have been with us since the beginning, keeping them coming back by offering such a high level of individual service that only an independent jeweller can deliver.

This level of service and our ability to carry out repairs and alterations on our premises means our customers keep coming back and we can keep on providing beautiful fine jewellery and watches to the people of Darlington and beyond.